24 September, 2009

Clubs! (with nails in)

...Just kidding. For those of you who got it.

I am referring of course to the many societies available at the University of Aberdeen that I was unable to keep myself from joining! Here they are, in all their glory:

The Celtic Society! They have regular jam sessions where members hang out a pub and play instruments/sing Celtic and/or Gaelic songs. They also hold Ceilidhs and occasional Pub Quiz nights.

The Whisky Society! Membership gets me whisky discounts in addition to tasting sessions and occasional trips to distilleries!

The Christian Union! Just a great group of people--they've held free lunches + talks all day this week, and the first meeting is also a Pudding Night! They offer Bible studies and general fellowships, in addition to getting new kids like me settled with local churches!

The International Society! This is where I'll get to do all the touristy stuff I absolutely have to do while I'm here. Aside from international food days and movie days (which I probably won't attend too often), they have such Day trips planned as Loch Ness, Carbisdale Castle/Scottish North Coast, Glasgow, St. Andrews/Glamis Castle, Edinburgh (already done that one!), Borders (Rosslyn Chapel, Melrose Abbey, Hadrian's Wall), Stirling, and Glenfiddich Whisky Distillery/Castle (more whisky!). Not to mention more Ceilidhs!

And, of course... The Roleplaying Society! Naturally I had to find my people in Scotland as well. Don't worry: geeks are the same everywhere (okay, so these ones might be more abnormally pale than the average gamer). They hold most gaming sessions on Sunday, which, if I find a church that gets out at a decent hour, will work great, or I'll have to find a game during the week to join. Dungeons and Dragons!!!

This should keep me busy. The events will occasionally conflict, but as multiple societies offer many of the same events (ceilidhs, whisky) as well as some I'm not really interested in (foreign films? really?) I should do fine.

I'm only taking three classes. How hard can it be?


(That was supposed to be semi-ironic. I've heard that the British university system is harder than ours, but I just don't see how... Anyway, my grades don't transfer as grades, so I only have to come back with a pass! Yes!)

Anyway, my week has been a good one. It has been sunny/approaching hot every day. Apparently it's warmer here than in Albuquerque, so I'm soaking it up now. (I did a great job only bringing winter boots, of course...)

Haven't yet settled into the kitchen, as the grocery store is a bit further than I want to walk with groceries, so I've been living off of sandwiches of various kinds. I will reform this weekend.

Also, I don't remember if I mentioned this, but it's worth saying again: I now have a Skype phone. It is really handy, because it means that I can contact anyone who is on Skype at any time--like walking to class, standing in line at the store, standing at the castle gates--so that means more of you should get Skype!! As long as I'm in cell phone service range, I will appear online and you can call me anytime for free! You won't be able to see me, of course, but that's little change from my currently broken webcam! :(

Oh! A quick change to my schedule. Instead of the CE 1028 class as previously posted--which, while a cool topic, is a freshman-level course and I am way beyond sick of anyone under the age of 20--thanks, Fresher's Week--I will be taking the much more up-my-alley course listed below. I hope you all are as thrilled as I am!


Course Co-ordinator: Dr A Macdonald

This course seeks to investigate the impact of war on society in the medieval west between c1300 and c1450. Those were years when warfare was frequent and its impact profoundly altered the societies of western Europe. Emphasis will be placed on the experience of war in Scotland, England, France, Spain and Ireland, although not exclusively on those areas. The course will seek to explore the impact of war physically and mentally on the people who had to endure it. Cultural developments, concepts of national identity and collective mentalities will be explored, as well as more conventional societal developments.

Not a true military history class like I kind of want it to be, but it should be interesting nevertheless--and at least people will be (roughly) my age in it!

Let's see...I really think that's about it. I haven't taken many good pictures lately, so I'll have to gyp y'all on that one today. I hope this post finds you all in a place of perfect health and happiness!

God bless,


Caitydid said...

Haha, you're sick of freshers too?! I thought I was the only one. I think anyone who wants to lower the drinking age in the US should come live in my dorm for a few days. Just sayin'.

Although, I lucked out. My roommates (2 freshers, and 1 fresher who is older than me, in addition to another international student) are totally cool. They go party and come back quietly.

Anonymous said...

social history! huzzah!--Bethany

Megan Abrahamson said...

Cait--you lucky duck! I wish all of my flatmates were as conscientious as yours (but I guess it's hard to be conscientious if you're pished).

Bethy--yes! They have a CULTURAL HISTORY DEPARTMENT here!! You should think about a semester over here...application due in October!!!