18 September, 2009

Arthur's Seat, Ceilidh and Last Day in Edinburgh!

Some fantastic adventures my last few days in Edinburgh!

We climbed up Arthur's Seat--that's the name of the beautiful hill I keep photographing just outside Lindsay's dorm room--which was fun and, of course, gorgeous!

As if that wasn't physically demanding enough, that evening we went to a huge Ceilidh for Fresher's Week. It was tons of fun--I danced for most of it, though you wouldn't know that by the pictures because I can't photograph myself! About 3/4 of the way through I went upstairs to the balcony and took pictures of Lindsay and Sam and a random hot guy in a kilt. We also met some new friends, Owen and Luke, who we danced with most of the night.

But the buck does not stop here!

We went to another "old man pub"--that's what the local uni kids call the pubs that aren't trendy--my kind of place--called Sandy Bells, where we met a nice old man called Gordon who is going back to uni to study history. Trying to watch my pennies, I was definitely "designated walker" on the way back!!

We've had some adventures with stupid college kids, too: fire alarms in the middle of the night, twice in a row! I am so not functioning on an adequate amount of sleep.

Also, today we wandered around downtown Edinburgh, where we all bought Skype phones! So long as there are no sneaky scams, this means we can call/receive calls from Skype users no matter where we are! Also, we can call each other for free (very important!) and have 50 emergency minutes for local numbers! Again, my Skype ID is megan.abrahamson, and skype is easy to install. I don't currently have a working webcam, but I can still talk to anyone!

Tomorrow, it's off to Aberdeen, so I can be nervous/excited all over again! May not get another post from me for a while, as I will be moving in! Do not fear, however, for the more I am not blogging, the more fun adventures I am having!


(PS: Pictures to come when I have more time!!)

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