03 October, 2009

Two pence saved is a penny earned

[[DISCLAIMER: Sorry for being AWOL for so long: been sick and busy! Will try to remedy with posts from...what, two weeks ago?...yikes!]]

Some unfortunate adventures with finances occurred last week which were somewhat less than welcome...it turns out UNM Financial Aid made a *mistake* on my money in giving me a scholarship I didn't actually have. Which they only told me about just now. They did manage to remedy half of the blunder, but half of the money only came back to me in loan form. What UNM giveth, UNM also taketh away.

About the only thing that made me feel better was the discovery as to how I can get my booze cheap. Don't worry. Ask anyone: I'm incredibly conservative and boring with my booze, mainly on account of I'm cheap. That's why four drams of REALLY good whisky every other Wednesday through Aberdeen University's Whisky Society for 2 pounds is freaking awesome. I like to think I am learning a classy skill: like wine tasting. I'm becoming a whisky connoisseur. Yes! Go me! The most exciting so far is a 20 year old Bowmore. The sip I had of it (my friend got the last dram of it, curse him!) probably cost a fistfull of dollars by itself.

Anyway, I'm only in Scotland once. Gotta see what it tastes like.

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