31 August, 2009

All's Well That Begins Well

Although beginning "well" is admittedly a stretch.

I'm flying out on September 11th, for starters. Yeah. Wow. {{Off-color joke quelled.}}

Also, the British Consulate General in LA nearly refused to approve my Student Visa on account of my financial documents weren't "official" enough. A day spent at my bank and UNM financial aid (kudos to both places and their helpfulness) and $20 of overnight shipment later, however, all was well, and they UPSed it to me next-day.

I am off work for the next two weeks before I leave, and that is certainly "well," despite the money I am losing in being unemployed. A busy two weeks ahead of me, planning for my party and packing and spending time with friends/family before I go...

From ABQ, Megan, out.

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Anonymous said...

i love you Meggie! You're off and away! Call us soon!--Dad and Bethany